The Emile Reed Chronicles:

1. How many books are in the series?
There are three full length novels, not including McVeigh's standalone/companion novel coming in 2014: Program 13, Deprogrammed, and Rebooted. There are multiple short stories that take place between the novels: Program 12, Allegiance, Standby, and New Beginnings.

2. What is the proper reading order:
Program 12, Program 13, Allegiance, Deprogrammed, Standby, Rebooted, and New Beginnings.

3. What's this about McVeigh getting his own book?
McVeigh is a jerk. That is a known fact, yes, but there's a lot more to him than the guy that we see in Program 13. His book, Rebirth, will take place before the events of Program 13. It will be a standalone, and you will not have to read it as part of the rest of the series. It will work as a single story.

4. Are you still publishing The Program Manual and The Untold Stories?
Yes! But I've made some changes to The Untold Stories. Originally, it was only supposed to take place during Deprogrammed. It will actually include various short stories that take place among the series. These will not be required reads like the digital shorts. These shorts are meant to only offer new perspectives. Because of this change, the release has been pushed to 2014.
As for The Program Manual: I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about publishing this one. I'm going to have to illustrate some pages, so I need to buy a new drawing tablet. This will be out in Summer 2014.

The Outbreak Duology:

1. How many books are in the Outbreak duology:
There are two books: Submerged and Stouthearted.

2. When will Stouthearted be available:
I'm aiming for a late June 2014 release. This could change though, as I have yet to finish writing it.

3. Are Spark and Strength required reads?
Nope! Both are just bonus short stories. =)

The Lunica City duet:

1. What's up with Capture?
It will be available on May 23rd, 2014 with a brand new cover, more Ian, and a cleaner story!

2. Will there still be a sequel?
Yes, Release is still planned. When will it be ready? Honestly, I don't know. I have a lot I'm working on this year, and I'm still not certain when I'll be able to start working on Release. It's a low priority of mine right now, as I need to write Survival Instinct after I finish the Outbreak duology. I'm guessing it'll be out in 2015. If I find time, it may be out in late 2014. No promises, though.

No Place Like Home:

This really is a standalone, guys. And that ending? That is the ending. I know, some people hate me for it, but that's how her story ends. I wish I could've written a happier ending, but Savannah's story wasn't meant to have a happy ending.

No Place Like Home is currently available as an eBook, paperback, and audiobook.
2014 Promotion: If you purchase a paperback copy of No Place Like Home and e-mail me a photo of you holding the paperback, I'll send you a signed bookmark! (E-mail: NicoleWritesYA@gmail.com)

 Writing FAQs:

1. When did you start writing?
I've been writing for a long time. I started writing poetry back in middle school. In fact, my grandmother has a box full of all my old poems from back then, haha. She was the person that talked me into writing a book (which led to me writing Capture during NaNo 2010).

2. Do you have an agent?
No. I'm always querying, though. But as of right now, I'm a self-published author.

3. Why can't I purchase your books in a bookstore?
Again, I'm self-published. Because of this, my books are only available online. =\

4. Can I purchase a signed copy of one of your books?
Yes! There's a drop down menu on the left-side of the blog. You can purchase copies through there. Or you can e-mail NicoleWritesYA(at)gmail(dot)com with your order details and I'll forward you a PayPal invoice.

5. Do you have bookplates available?
Currently, no. But I am working on it.

6. What are you currently working on?
  • Stouthearted (Outbreak, 2): I still have a lot of writing to do, so I can't promise a release date just yet.
  • As We Fall (The Shaden, 1): I'm writing this off an on. It isn't scheduled for release until late 2014. I'm hoping to have enough written so that I can schedule a cover design for May/June. It's a YA science fiction book about aliens. It's dark, yet campy. The aliens are scary, and there is a bit of [human] romance. It's a lot different than my Emile Reed series, but I think you guys are going to like it.
    Any questions that you'd like me to answer? You can post them in the comments below!

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